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Product Name:Taiwan Railway Logistics
Product Category: International shipping DDP line
Starting point:
  Taiwan shipping line refers to the form of carriage of goods by sea between Taiwan and the mainland in the form of.
  Taiwan shipping line, bulk cargo LCL
  1, time: 7-12 days
  2, operation: the set of goods, loading, Taiwan, customs clearance, delivery (slow aging)
  The set of goods, loading and transportation of Fujian - Taiwan - clearance to send pieces (fast)
  3, date: Wednesday and Saturday is the shipment arrived in Taiwan 7 days
  4, delivery time: Wednesday to Saturday schedule on Friday to Sunday Monday delivery to the warehouse;
  Catch Saturday schedules on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday to delivery to the warehouse;
  Taiwan shipping line - editing operation process
  1, price: the need to provide detailed description of goods, gross weight, package size, the number of boxes to make the most accurate quotation and aging
  2, pick up your own delivery to the warehouse, can be door-to-door delivery;
  3, inspection declaration, customs inspection;
  Transportation: 4, the goods will be shipped to Taiwan in ningbo;
  5, Taiwan: the arrival of the goods at the customs clearance in Taiwan and port customs clearance;
  6, Taiwan: on the day of delivery of goods delivery to your customers.

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