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Product Name:Malaysia Railway Logistics
Product Category: International air cargo door to door line
Starting point:
Air transportion from china to Malaysia
    Flow of airlift:making relevant information -arrange flight -transfer- destination 
    Airlift company:KUL,WMKP,LGK,KBR,KCH
    Shipping scope: All cargos can be carried permitted by customs.
    Document required : Invoice
    Weight calculation: length*width*height cm/6000=weight kg The volume is bigger than actual weight
    Freight included: Including customs charges in China,document charge , export bill, clearance fee in Malaysia, delivery fee .
    Service advantage :hongyi logistics have preponderant resources  from every airlift company in Malaysia and cooperated closely with CZ and AirAsia ,which  ensure flight and space  We can handle all cargos permitted by customs and offer fast speed on transportion to devolop different special line for client.
     1.According to national laws , contraband goods including fake goods,liquid,powder ,flammable and combustible goods,medicine,foodstuff,battery which should tell us in advance otherwise you should take all reponsibility by yourself.
     2. Fragile items can not buy insurance.Please pack in good condition to protect them.
     3.All quotation don't  include customs duty ,customs fines and storage charges  which caused by  consignee .If consignee reject to pay ,it will automantically change to pay by shipper.
     4.Please provide formal invoice .otherwise it regard as authorize us to declare .If customs detained or delay  caused by declaration ,we are not responsible for illegally cause.
     5.The outer packing should wraped in waven bag.

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